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At Kareem’s we understand.

The will to excel and the commitment to exceed expectations mark every one of our dishes with a unique signature. It is the reassurance of satisfying the gourmand in everyone. Since 1995 Kareem’s has pampered Mumbai’s discerning taste buds with their unique masterpieces of Indian cuisine, and has taken wing to conquer rest of the world.

At Kareem’s we believe.

We delight in the preparation of our food, the presentation of it, and of course, in the partaking of it. With a hand-picked team of professionals in every department we make sure there are no loose ends. First impression is the best impression and this is not truer anywhere else than in the food industry. 

At Kareem’s we are aware.

We consider every guest as someone special and focus on personal satisfaction. Our services are customized to match individual needs and preferences. The fusion of traditional tastes with contemporary trends has ensured that our menu meets wide acceptance across age, gender and ethnicity.


Our Team


Kareem Dhanani - The Legendary Chef

He is the Chef de genius as much as the creator of the elite signature kebabs, curries and biryanis. A passionate campaigner for quality, consistency and sustainability his entrepreneurial spirit has seen the successful franchise of the Kareem’s brand and its strengthening presence across the globe.


Manoj Sharma - The Strategist

Experience in hospitality that spans 25 years in 9 countries and across the continents makes him a connoisseur in the art of success. He has a unique way of accessing and analyzing the business landscape enabling a strategic framework that makes it possible to translate technology into growth opportunities. A different approach that he calls ‘Grab life by the beans’ has made him a proven success in the industry in diverse geographies including the Middle East.

Vikas Sharma - Chief Operations Officer


Passionate and process resolute, his focus on authenticity and excellence along with his vast experience with international markets and the Middle Eastern markets makes him the ideal catalyst in making great working teams.


Aamil Hemani - Executive Corporate Chef

Twelve years of exceptional eminence under his chef’s cap, Aamil is still an explorer into the exotic world of gastronomy. ‘Feast your Taste buds’ is Aamil’s stroke line for his passionate cooking forte and he endeavors to give food lovers the moment of truth for every cuisine he indulges to explore.



Be a part of the Kareem's experience!

It is great to be on your own in business. It not only offers you greater returns on your investment but also rewards you with an inspiring career and adds to your esteem.


Now you can embark on an exciting business with total reassurance of success with Kareem’s, an exceptionally successful brand that is fast growing and remarkably rewarding. Kareem’s is a lot more than a mere brand you can do business with. It is a strategically evolved franchise system that is proven to be a winner in diverse markets and regions. The brand has a high degree of adaptability and flexibility that ensure cost-effective operations and handsome return on investment. The concept offers modules such as:

Quick Service Restaurants ( QSR) • Fine Dine Restaurants  • Mid- Segment Restaurants • Kiosks • Corporate Kiosks


As a franchisee, you will receive customized solutions that match your market needs, covering location, procurement assistance, lease formalities, location, equipment and material procurement, design and décor, menu selection and full-scale staff selection and training. We will also support you with the launch and ongoing marketing guidance to ensure greater value for your money.

For Franchise enquiries:

: + 91 98670 76000

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